Our Colonial Williamsburg Weekend with Kids

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg with Kids @ AllOurDays.com

At the end of June, Tim was able to take a last minute week long vacation. We had several projects around the house to help fill up our time, but we also wanted a little time away from normal everyday … [Read more...]

A Peek into Our Wonderful (Busy) Week

A Peek at Our Wonderful (Busy) Week @ AllOurDays.com #dailylife #familylife #ourfamily

This past week was filled with activity for our family. It seems life happens that way for us. Some weeks the kids and I don't leave the house except for church and a trip to the grocery store and … [Read more...]

Looking Back on May

Lillian 10 months

The month of May sped by for our family. To be honest, most months do right now. There were huge spans of time when my camera stayed tucked away as we finished our official school year, planned for … [Read more...]

Preparing for Summer Break

Summer Break - hourly schedule, 100% free time, or something in the middle...What works for you? @ AllOurDays.com

Are your kids out of school for the summer yet? If not, most of them will be soon. It's amazing how the spring has flown by so quickly! While we plan to keep up with a little school work during the … [Read more...]

Spring Happenings

ice cream

Thankfully, the weather has finally warmed up and we've been enjoying lots of outside time... at our neighborhood playground... at our city's annual spring festival... (where … [Read more...]

A Spring Weekend

Lillian and Papa

The weather this weekend was beautiful and we took full advantage of it! On Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a local egg hunt. My parents joined us while Tim sold pizza by the … [Read more...]

Gathering the Moments in March

Gathering the Moments in March @ AllOurDays.com

Warning - This post is extremely photo heavy, but with five kiddos at home I take a lot of pictures in a month's time. Our March was extremely cold with lots of inside time to color... work … [Read more...]

Big News and Some More Baby Pictures

Announcing Baby #6 @ AllOurDays.com

While I could definitely share more baby pictures of our little Lillian Grace, this post is about another baby... ... ... In December, Tim and I found out we are expecting our sixth baby! … [Read more...]