A Spring Weekend

Lillian and Papa

The weather this weekend was beautiful and we took full advantage of it! On Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a local egg hunt. My parents joined us while Tim sold pizza by the … [Read more...]

Gathering the Moments in March

Gathering the Moments in March @ AllOurDays.com

Warning - This post is extremely photo heavy, but with five kiddos at home I take a lot of pictures in a month's time. Our March was extremely cold with lots of inside time to color... work … [Read more...]

Big News and Some More Baby Pictures

Announcing Baby #6 @ AllOurDays.com

While I could definitely share more baby pictures of our little Lillian Grace, this post is about another baby... ... ... In December, Tim and I found out we are expecting our sixth baby! … [Read more...]

Lillian’s Monthly Baby Photos

Lillian 8 months: Monthly Baby Photos @ AllOurDays.com

It's been a few months since I've posted Lillian's monthly photos here on the blog. I've been sharing them each month on our Facebook page, but if you've missed them, here they are. We've had some … [Read more...]

How Pre-School School Bins are Used in Our Home

How We Use Pre-School School Bins in Our Home @ AllOurDays.com

Last week I shared what we keep in our toddler and pre-schooler's School Bins. Now I'm going to share a little about how we use these bins in our home and some lots of photos of our School Bins in … [Read more...]

School Bins: Homeschooling When You Have Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Toddler & Preschool Busy Bin Ideas @ AllOurDays.com

We're officially homeschooling two children this school year. Two children out of five. That means the other three have to be doing something. Thankfully, Lillian (8 months) is pretty content to … [Read more...]

A Whirlwind of a Week

lillian eating

This week was already set to be busy with a lunch out for me and the first day back at P.E. for the three older kids. Then on Tuesday, I took Jonathan and Lillian to the doctor. Jonathan has been … [Read more...]

My Unplanned Blogging Break

I seem to have hibernated from my blog this month. While our cold and snowy weather has kept me indoors, I have also been kept busy with business ventures, homeschool changes, sickness, and loads and … [Read more...]