Learning to Read Larger Numbers

Simple Way to Practice Reading Larger Numbers {31 Days of Learning with Little Ones @ AllOurDays.com} #homeschool #math

I've already told you about how we use a hundreds chart to help with counting larger numbers. Today I have another tip for teaching larger numbers. All you'll need is two or three matching plastic … [Read more...]

Learning Character Qualities

Crossroads of Character review @ AllOurDays.com #write31days #learningwithlittleones #character

However, teaching godly character can be a big struggle, especially when you aren't sure where to start. One way we've been intentional about teaching our children about godly character is by … [Read more...]

Learning to Have Fun in the Kitchen


Today's Learning with Little Ones post is from my friend Kristin. Kristin is a mom of 5 little ones and blogs at Bits and Pieces from My Life. My son, Owen, is eight and he wants to own a bakery … [Read more...]

Learning to Count to 100

Learning to Count to 100 with free printables {31 Days of Learning with Little Ones @ AllOurDays.com}

Our older kids have all learned to count to twenty fairly easily. However, at some point after that they've all become stuck--one at 39, another at 59, and another at 79. Somehow that step to … [Read more...]

Learning Addition Doubles


When our older two children started learning addition they were drawn to learning the double facts...0+0, 1+1, 2+2, etc. This simple printable is great for running through the double facts for … [Read more...]

Learning Addition with Build It! Addition Cards {free printable}

build it

This post contains affiliate links. You can read our full disclosure policy here. Our kids absolutely love Duplo blocks! They are a toy that can be played with here and there ALL. DAY. LONG. In … [Read more...]

Learning Through Play: 3 Quotes to Make You Think

Play is Serious Work ~Fred Rogers {31 Days of Learning with Little Ones @ AllOurDays.com} #write31days #parenting #learningwithlittles #kids

 What do you think about these quotes? Do you agree or disagree? What ways have you seen your children learn through playing? How can you encourage your children to learn through play? <> … [Read more...]

Learning to Take Initiative in Serving

See and Serve Game @ AllOurDays.com {31 Days of Learning with Little Ones} #write31days #parenting #kids

See and Serve is the name of a new game we're playing in our home.  As a parent of many little ones, I truly need their help to keep the house (at least somewhat) clean and tidy. However, while … [Read more...]