Goals Update and New Goals for June

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I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the first week in June! Where does the time go?

Here are the goals I made for May and how I did with them.


1. Continue to take 5-15 minutes for Bible study each weekday. I did this most weekdays, but in June Tim and I are looking to do something together.

2. Exercise at least 4 days a week. I walked with the Walk at Home – 5 Day Slim Down – A Mile Each Morning an average of 3 days a week because I completely skipped the last week of May :(

3. Finish listening to Surprised by Motherhood and Heaven Changes Everything. Read Christ in the Chaos. I listened to both books (Suprised by Motherhood was wonderful!). I started Christ in the Chaos, but didn’t get much me reading time in.


4. Continue to make praying for Tim more of a priority. I did better with this, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.


5. Continue reading at least one chapter of our current read aloud everyday at quiet time. I did this for the first 3 weeks, then we rearranged the kids’ room and moved the two older girls upstairs. Now with the kids in two separate rooms I need to figure out a new routine for our quiet time reading.

6. Take time to play outside with the kids at least a few times each week. I did this! We added new sand to the sandbox, added a paver/brick floor to the bottom of our swing set playhouse, and added an obstacle course made of spare lumber.

7. Brainstorm with Tim about paid and unpaid chores. Possibly come up with a list of paid chores and the prices for each chore. Decide if paid chores will be available to all the kids or only those over a certain age. We sat down and figured this out together. The kids now have a set of daily chores they are expected to do as part of our family and can opt to do extra jobs around the house to earn some money. The paid jobs are things I would normally do, but they can do to take a little off of my plate. We’ve decided to pay a nickel or dime per chore since the kids are so young. We’re also working on Give, Save, Spend jars to organize their earnings.

8. Look through Exploring Grace Together devotional & decide if we want to read through it together. I read through a couple of the devotions and we’ll be starting this in June.

9. Plan a family party for Emahry’s seventh birthday. Emahry’s party was a success. You can see some more photos here.


10. Finish Organizing Emahry’s and Jonathan’s home school portfolios for our spring evaluation at our local board of education. I finished these and had a positive evaluation (oddly enough with a teacher I worked with when I taught in the public school system).

11. Have Emahry and Jonathan finish their current Explode the Code workbooks. We decided to take a break from our reading and math workbooks. Instead, Emahry and Jonathan have been reviewing and practicing with an iPad app and a free website.


12. Order t-shirts and ruffle fabric for flower girl dresses. I ordered (and received the t-shirts) but I still need to figure out how much ruffle fabric I need to order.

13. Experiment with prepping fruits and veggies for a week. I tried this and sadly wasn’t too impressed on the whole. It did make lunch time a little quicker, but I found that the produce didn’t last long enough for the whole week. I will continue to use the water and vinegar wash for strawberries and apples as soon as we get them home, but the rest of the fruits and veggies will get washed and prepped as we need them.

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14. Add the links for the rest of the Sight Word Units. Yay! I added all the links so you can now download all 23 units. You can also still get the complete zip file in our Teachers Notebook shop.

And now on to my new goals for June.

It really looks like I have a lot of goals for this month (and I guess I do), but many of them are things I’m already doing (just to encourage me to continue), things I’ve already started, things that will only take a short amount of time, and things that simply have to get done :)


1. Exercise at least 4 days a week. I’m definitely feeling the weight (literally) of getting pregnant only 4 months postpartum. I now weigh more than I did when I delivered all the other kids. I’m praying that regular exercise will help keep my weight down for the remained of my pregnancy. (I’ll be using the DVD Walk at Home – 5 Day Slim Down – A Mile Each Morning with weighted gloves…I have these ones.)

2. Finish reading Christ in the Chaos. I’m really enjoying this so far.

3. Increase my water intake. I’m 6 months pregnant, still nursing an 11 month old and it’s summer…enough said.


4. Do a couples devotional at least 5 nights a week. We’ve borrowed Night Light: A Devotional for Couples from the library and will be working through the first part this month. If it goes well, we’ll be ordering a copy from Amazon.

5. Continue to make praying for Tim more of a priority. Focus on specific prayer requests.


6. Continue reading at least one chapter of our current read aloud everyday at quiet time. We have a new Boxcar Children book that we’re excited to start. I think I’ll just have the older girls sit in the downstairs bedroom while I read and then have them move to their room to listen to an audio book. This way I can still help ensure that Amelia actually falls asleep (she needs her nap).

7. Take time to play outside with the kids at least a few times each week. This will definitely need to be in the morning or evening as the weather gets hotter and the humidity climbs.

8. Start the Exploring Grace Together devotional and do this as a family at least twice a week. This will either be in the morning after breakfast or after dinner depending on Tim’s work schedule.

9. Finish the kids’ Give, Save, and Spend jars to organize their earnings. I also need to make them each a piggy bank style jar to hold their money until with divide it into the different categories. I’m thinking mason jars, but I need to figure out the best way of making a slot in the metal lids. Otherwise, I’ll have to unscrew the lid every time someone gets paid…no fun.


10. Continue with the Hooked on Phonics iPad app and xtramath.org practice 4 to 5 days a week. The math practice is easy since the kids can do it all on their own, but I like to sit with them for the phonics work so that takes a little more discipline on my part.


11. Reorganize the kids current clothes. The two older girls need all their clothes moved upstairs to their new bedroom and Lillian’s clothes need to be moved out of our closet to make room for the new baby’s clothes.

12. Finish purging and organizing the upstairs room. The girls’ room is also the toy/craft/general storage space. I need to move my craft things downstairs and move whatever I can into the attic space to make the room work as a bedroom and play space.

13. Order ruffle fabric for flower girl dresses and look for the purple fabric for the sashes.

14. Sew one flower girl dress. I have three to make before the wedding, which happens to be two days after my due date…I cannot possibly wait until the last minute on this one!

15. Start picking blueberries. They should be in season in a week or two. Unfortunately, Tim won’t be able to pick as much with his work schedule, so the kids and I will be the resident blueberry pickers. Last year we picked about 145 pounds (the top photo in the post linked was actually taken only a few hours before I went into labor with Lillian). Thankfully, we don’t need quite as much this year since we still have several bags left over. I’d love to have enough to make our favorite Open-Faced Fresh Blueberry Pie (I make it in a deep dish pie plate, so I double the filling recipe).

16. Get back on track with planning dinners. Tim’s schedule has been a bit unpredictable recently and I’ve let that get me off of meal planning. I want to get back to making a plan even if it means the same super simple dinner two or three times a week when he ends up working late and it’s just the kids and me.

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17. Brainstorm a list of blog post topics and implement a more consistent blogging schedule. Anything you’d like to see me write about? My muddled mommy/pregnancy brain could use some ideas :)

Have you made any goals for the month of June? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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  1. Rebecca says

    Very cool birthday cake! :)

  2. says

    Just wanted to let you know that I actually wrote down my goals for the month, thanks to your inspiration. It has certainly helped me regain some focus. I created for myself a new way to keep track of exercise (I do love a checklist!) that should carry me through the end of summer. Stewart and I are only one day behind on our Scripture reading schedule (HE made that chart. Woo!) My house is clean again except for the master bedroom, which is a complete wreck at the moment (we sleep in the guest room during summer since it is so much cooler). We are having some cabinetry built to better organize my crafting/sewing stuff. We are in the last week of another Whole30 and I’ve created some pretty tasty recipes for that. Thanks for the nudge, Allyson!
    Joanne Mitchell recently posted..Make It New Monday 06/02/14… Wooden Boxes to Bathroom StorageMy Profile

  3. says

    Well, you certainly know how to stay busy! :O) I’ve got a blog challenge and a writing challenge going in June (others are hosting, I’m just playing along), JuNoWriMo. Those are my writing goals for the month.
    LuAnn Braley recently posted..Five Things That Make Me Happy Right NowMy Profile

    • says

      You’re right, my life is definitely not boring, although some days can be quite mundane.

      Great job on accepting the blog and writing challenges! I’d like to do that sometime, but there’s no way I could post every day right now. Well, I probably could if my family decided they didn’t want to eat or have clean clothes for the next month… :)
      Tim, Allyson & kids recently posted..Goals Update and New Goals for JuneMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for the suggestions. Those are the types of posts I like reading on other blogs too. My brain has been so preoccupied/unhelpful recently that I asked Tim if we could plan a date to sit down so he could help me brainstorm post ideas. Hopefully, we get some time to get away next week.
      Tim, Allyson & kids recently posted..Goals Update and New Goals for JuneMy Profile