Slow Down, You Move Too Fast (What to do if you’re stressed this Christmas)

How to slow down, capture the moments, and make memories this Christmas @ AllOurDays.comThere are only two days until Christmas and I’m sure most of you have things you still need to do—presents to wrap, food to prepare, people to visit.

As of this morning, we still have a few stocking stuffers to purchase and a few craft projects to complete. We still have a cheeseball to make for my parents’ annual Christmas Eve party, but since we just got back from our last minute trip to Florida on Saturday our fridge is practically empty, which means we also need to go to the grocery store.

Because of our traveling, we’re behind on our Truth in the Tinsel Advent Books and there’s no way we’ll finish The Best Christmas Pageant Ever before Christmas Day.

So, what’s a mom to do? I could probably manage to hustle through from morning to night to catch up and get everything done. I could sit the kids in front of Christmas movie after Christmas movie and get things done faster on my own. I could forget our slower times of advent readings and Christmas read alouds and power though all the things that “need” to get done for others.


Instead I’m quieting the computer and putting the Internet to rest. I’m taking my vanful of kiddos to the store and getting opinions from my little ones about what we should get for Uncle Nate’s stocking. I’m pulling out Daddy’s old t-shirts to cover my children as they finish painting some gifts for their aunts and uncles. I’m gathering apron-clad children into the kitchen to whip up a yearly tradition. I’m working on a sewing project at the kitchen table surrounded by little ones coloring their Truth in the Tinsel printable ornaments. I’m sitting on the floor in the kids’ room in the afternoon reading our Christmas book while the older ones rest in their beds and the younger ones fall asleep.

I’m capturing these moments and creating memories this Christmas!

What to do if you’re overwhelmed right now:

1. Stop and pray. Ask God to help you focus on the things that really matter. Without his wisdom, you’ll feel like you’re running in circles.

2. Quiet your heart and read through Luke’s retelling of the Christmas story. This only takes a few minutes and it will help keep the celebration of Jesus’ birth in the forefront of your mind.

3. Get your family together and make a list. Write down everything that needs to get done before Christmas day.

4. Weed through your list and make it realistic. Talk to your spouse and kids about how much time you have left and how you want to enjoy Christmas together not simply survive. Then look at your list and see what changes you can make to bring some peace to this season.

Did you want to give homemade ornaments to relatives? Consider purchasing them instead or if your children are old enough delegate that responsibility to them. (For younger kids you can purchase packs of wooden ornaments they can color with markers. Swap the included markers with your washable ones for easier clean up.)

Were you planning on making several varieties of cookies from scratch? Maybe this year you could purchase premade dough (kids can still decorate them) or stick with one simply recipe.

Are you still trying to get Christmas cards sent or delivered? Don’t stress out, just send them after Christmas for the New Year.

Have you fallen behind on advent activities? Just pick up with today’s activity and let your kids enjoy a pleasant, joyful mama.

What measures can you take to make memories and enjoy the last two days until Christmas?

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    Beautiful family! Could Emahry look any more like Timmy? :-)
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