The New All Our Days Group Pinterest Board

We just want to let you all know about some changes here at All Our Days regarding our weekly link-up.

Right now my husband and I are both in a very busy season of life. During the past month it’s been difficult for me to make time for blogging the way I had been before. I have lots of ideas I want to share, but not a whole lot of time to actually get them posted for you. This past week, while traveling to see family, we decided that one easy way to gain some more blogging time is to restructure my weekly posts.

While we love connecting all the great posts you have in our weekly link-up, it is time consuming for me to put it together. That’s time I could be spending sharing about our life and hopefully encouraging you some things we’ve learned along the way.

We’ve loved seeing all of your creative ideas and inspiring posts and we don’t want the sharing to stop. That’s why we’ve decided to make the All Our Days Community Pinterest board a group board. A group board means that any member can pin posts to the board to be shared with over 2500 followers.

The vast majority of our blog traffic is from Pinterest, so this group Pinterest board can help spread your posts far better than our link-up could.

Joining the All Our Days’ Community board is by invitation only. If you’d like to join, I’ll need your Pinterest username and the email address your Pinterest account is registered through. Just type your information below and click enter. (This information won’t be shared or used for any other purpose than sending you a invitation to join the Pinterest board.)

Also, make sure you follow the group board here so I can add you more easily.

We look forward to pinning with you!

Be sure to click the link in the first email to activate your subscription.


  1. Thanks, Allyson! You know I totally understand since this is what I just did with my link party as well. Thanks for the group board.
    Merry Christmas!

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