Counting Cards Busy Bag / Activity Bag

Our oldest has been using these counting cards for the past year, but we just recently added them to our busy bag collection.

Counting Cards Busy Bag #freeprintable (Day 19) 31 Days of Busy Bags & Quiet Time Activities @

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Simple print the counting cards and laminate them for more durability. Then place them in the zip top bag along with clothespins. We use (and prefer) mini clothespins.

Click the link below to download this free printable busy bag file.

Counting Cards Busy Bag

What are some ways you help your child practice counting and learn number recognition? Leave a comment below.

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  1. gaby says

    Where did you find miniature clothes pins? I’d love to have some of those but haven’t seen them at stores before. Thanks!! I’m planning to make some of these busy bags for my 4 year old who is transitioning off naps.

  2. Jessica Leu says

    I would love to print these off but the file cards do not contain the numbers on them. The pictures are there but the numbers are either missing or there are black marks there instead so I couldn’t even write in the numbers on some of them. Could this be fixed?

    • Allyson says

      So, sorry you weren’t able to print these. The file is correct, but some of these tips might help to get it working for you. I hope that helps fix the problem!

      • Jessica Leu says

        Thank You!! This was so helpful!