Finished Friday #52 {Come link up your projects!}

Link up your finished projects at the bottom of this post.

Finally, a week where I accomplished at least one project that has absolutely nothing to do with tomatoes!

This week we were able to nail down our learning plans for the year.

We’re thrilled that we’ll be spending almost nothing out of pocket for homeschooling our daughter through Kindergarten and our son through Preschool (as well as our other daughter through Pre-Pre-Preschool…and I guess that means the Baby’s in Pre-Pre-Pre-PreSchool).

Click here to see what we’ll be learning about together.

Of, course we did manage to squeeze in canning three more batches of Spaghetti Sauce. Our pantry is full!

Today’s Questions: What projects were you able to finish this week? What to you hope to complete next week?
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