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What's in the Bible Review Flashcards DVD 2. Find more free printables at http://a-heart4home.blogspot.com

Update: We’ve added the link to Volume 3’s flashcards to the end of this post.

A few months ago we started looking for a DVD series for a children’s Bible study. Tim was starting an adult study and I was looking to provide more than just glorified babysitting to the children of the families that would attend.

That’s when we discovered the What’s in the Bible? DVD series.

Let me just say we LOVE these DVDs!

The kids in our Bible study range from 2 to 11 (not including the two infants) and everyone is learning about the Bible in a fun way.

I recently came across a set of flashcards for DVD 1 offered by the What’s in the Bible? team and thought they would be a great addition to our study as well as a wonderful review when we start using the What’s in the Bible? DVDs in the fall for homeschooling.

Unfortunately, there is only one set of cards for the first DVD, so I decided to use their great idea and develop some of my own.

I sent the first set I completed to the wonderful people at What’s in the Bible? and asked if it would be alright to share them with others. Here’s what they had to say:

“Thanks so much for sending this example, Allyson. These are GREAT! You have our permission to share them with others. Thanks so much for double checking first, we really appreciate it!”

What's in the Bible? Free Review Flashcards. Find more free printables at http://a-heart4home.blogspot.comSo, if you’re wanting a little extra review to go along with the What’s in the Bible? DVDs, I hope you’ll find these flashcards helpful.

We’ll share the other sets as I finish them so sign up for free blog updates so you won’t miss out.

What's in the Bible? Free Review Flashcards. Find more free printables at http://a-heart4home.blogspot.com
click the links below to download:

What’s in the Bible? DVD 2 Part 1

What’s in the Bible? DVD 2 Part 2

Check out this post for the flashcards for DVD 3.

Today’s Questions: Have you seen the What’s in the Bible? DVDs? Do you think you might like to use them with your children? Why or why not? 
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  1. Michelle says

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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  3. Heather says

    These are so cute! I'll definitely have to grab some!

  4. Amy says

    Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your work here- we love What's In the Bible and had found the flashcards on their site- we were hoping for more. Thanks again!

  5. says

    Thank you for visiting my blog post and inviting me to your. Thank you for your comments. I like the “What is in the Bible Flashcards?” Thank you for sharing.

  6. Adrienne Austell says

    I was recently looking at purchasing these for our fall curriculum. Thanks for sharing the flash cards they will be a great help in reviewing.

  7. says

    Thanks for this! We love What's in the Bible and I had never thought to make flash cards for what we are learning – great idea!