Top Ten {Christian} Mommy Blogs

Sometimes I feel a little lost in the niche-filled blogging world. This little spot on the web is not a craft blog, or a food blog, or a homeschool blog. For the most part, this little place of mine is a mommy blog.

(One day, Tim wants to be able to contribute some posts from a husband and daddy’s point of view, so I guess then we’ll be a parent blog or a family blog, which I’m super excited about, but for now—mommy blog it is!)

top 10 christian mommy blogs

Most mommy blogs, like mommies themselves, are eclectic in nature, with a little home management, craftiness, recipes, training and a whole lot of love.
Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Top Ten {Christian} Mommy Blogs
(in no particular order)

1. Impress Your Kids ~ Amanda (from has great ideas on teaching little ones the truths of God’s love and the importance of his word. Right now she has some wonderful ideas on teaching the meaning of Easter and understanding the Resurrection.

2. Bits & Pieces from my Life ~ Kristin is a homeschooling mom of 5 kiddos. She shares crafts, recipes, books, and how she’s striving to balance life in Christ. I love Kristin’s honest reflections of life as the mommy of many little ones. She’s also fun to get together with in real life.

3. Mama Hall ~ Eryn shares her life and heart as the homeschool mom of two. I appreciate Eryn’s realness and reflection as she strives to live life “making the most of it.”

4. Keeper of the Home ~ Stephanie is head and shoulders above me when it comes to natural living and healthy diet, but I love learning from her (especially since she likes doing research and I do not). Also, as important as a natural lifestyle is to her I know her main focus is loving the Lord and teaching her children to do the same.

5. Passionate Homemaking ~ Lindsay is another natural focused mama. She first inspired me to make my own deodorant and continues to be a source of inspiration for ways to make our lifestyle more natural. She is also very missions minded which is an area I’m trying to grow in.

6. The Homespun Heart ~ I’m always so amazed at the beauty that Monica finds in the midst of life with littles. She is such a humble inspiration.

7. Mustard Seeds ~ This is a new one on my list, but I love Janna’s crafty ideas for teaching little minds and molding little hearts.

8. The Finer Things in Life ~ Amy just has a wonderful personality that keeps you coming back for more. I love her eclectic posts (eclectic in the best sense of the word) and how she’s always reminding me of the finer things in life.

9. A Heart for Home ~ Yes, that’s me. :) From crafting and teaching little hearts to preschool printables, kids in the garden, trying to be more green and almost everything in between I hope our blog can be an encouragement to you!

10. ???
Today’s Question: As you can see, I’m in search of another Christian mommy blog. Do you have one or know of one?
What are some other mommy blogs you enjoy?
Come back next week for my
Top Ten Homeschool Blogs.
I have quite a few, do you have any suggestions?

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  1. says

    I recently kicked off a parenting blog and would love feedback and suggestions to help other parents…thanks.
    Rebecca Krusee recently posted..Giveaway!My Profile

  2. says

    Hi, It’s great to see so many other christian mom bloggers here. I would love to see your sites and hope you check mine out as well. Also, if any of you are new and have less than 200 followers send me a link to your blog because I’m on the look out for blogs to nominate for a Liebster Award.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this list of blogs! I have been writing a blog for the last several years that might fit into this category. GraceFULLhome is about life, faith, and learning with Christ as our center. I write about family, marriage, parenting, and inspiration for our days.
    Thank you!

  4. says

    I recently started a christian mom blog where I post recipes, gardening info, sewing projects, craft and diy items putting a Christian spin on them. Check it out:

  5. says

    Great source to find so many other mommy blogs. I am a newby blogger and find it encouraging to look at others and what they have done. Check mine out if you get the chance. God Bless!

  6. says

    Hello, I am a brand spanking new blogger at My focus is faith & family. Not too many posts up yet, but would love for you to check it out !
    Dusty recently posted..Billy GrahamMy Profile

  7. Sarah Coleman says

    I have a blog on my website I have written a book called Expecting Daily Pregnancy Devotion that would bless any Christian expectant mothers out there.

  8. Lauren says

    I just found The writing is so good. Would love for you to check out my blog too! Blessings, lauren

  9. says

    This is a great list of God-loving mom bloggers! My blog, http:// is all about waiting on the Lord for His perfect plan for us. I am a late bloomer, new wife, new mom, and new college student in my mid-30’s.
    Sherry recently posted..Santa’s Message to Faith ♥My Profile

  10. says

    Hi! My name is Alison Wood and I have already been a writer for a baby website. I decided to broaden my writing path and start a blog. I am a stay-at-home Christian mommy of 6 pint-sized treasures. I live in Cambodia as a church-planting missionary. I would love you to come by and visit!
    Alison Wood
    Alison Wood recently posted..Money Trouble—A True Story!My Profile

  11. says

    I’m late to this game, but I’m always looking for more inspiration as a mom and a Christian.
    I’ve learned so much about God and how he loves us in my role as a parent. I’m keeping track of the lessons I’ve learned on my blog,
    I’m a real, imperfect, mom who doesn’t use coupons and can’t boast about my parenting skills, but man, do I love my kids.
    I’d be honored if you’d check out my blog and let me know what you think!

    Emily J recently posted..The PumpkinMy Profile

  12. thehomespunheart says

    I'm loving Beautifully Rooted lately – it's fairly new, but meeting me where I'm at right now.

    Thanks, friend!

  13. says

    I love A Path Made Straight ( though she is taking a mini-break until after Easter.

  14. says

    I follow several of these and can't wait to check out the rest. I've struggled in the past because I love to write but I don't really fit into the crafty/foody/healthy niche. Praise the Lord he can use mommy blogs too! Thanks for the list!

    I came from Top Ten Tuesday :)

  15. Anonymous says

    Can't wait to check these out—thank you so much!

    I'm really surprised that “MoneySaving” didn't make the list, too. Wildly popular, from lots of other blogs I've seen, and I check MSM every day–at least twice!

  16. says

    well, let's see – there is my own –
    my blog is CouponBlessingsNow – teaching people to use coupons and inspiring them to be a BLESSING to others.

    If you wish to contact me further, I can be reached at