Prayer Pail

prayer pail

I pinned the idea of a family prayer pail last month. I knew this idea would be a great addition to our dinner prayer time and would encourage our children (as well ourselves) to pray for more than just the food in front of us.

At first I simply wrote names out on large craft sticks and placed them inside of an old peanut butter jar. Then this past week I took some time to pretty it up a bit.

I used all items we had around the house so our prayer pail centerpiece ended up being a “free” project.

We decided that we wanted to deviate from the original idea a little to include a jar for the sticks we’ve already prayed for, so we could pray for all the people/groups before recycling back through. However, you could easily use this same idea to make a one jar prayer pail.

prayer pail 2

  • oval metal pail (our was from a yard sale last summer, but I’m guessing you could find them at a craft or gardening store, ours had a plastic planter liner)
  • two jars that fit inside the pail side by side (empty peanut butter jars)
  • dried beans, small stones, etc
  • assorted artificial flowers
  • large craft stick (tongue depressor size)
  • permanent marker (various colors optional)
  • stickers to spell “Prayer Pail” (optional)
1. Simply write the names of people, countries, groups and ministries you’d like to pray for on the craft sticks with the permanent markers.

2. Use the stickers to write Prayer Pail on the outside of the pail. This is easier to do now than when the pail is filled (ask how I know).

3. Place the two jars into the pail and pour the beans around the outside of the jars to hold them in place.

4. Arrange the artificial flowers in the beans.

5. Place the prayer sticks into the jar on the left. (Once you’ve picked a stick and prayed for the person named on the stick you’ll move that stick to the jar on the right.)

prayer pail 3

At dinnertime we each draw a “prayer stick” (right down to our two year old) and pray for who or what is written on the stick. Our four year old thinks of her own prayer, but our 3 year old and two year old repeat either Tim or me as we pray for who or what is written on their stick. Tim and I also draw our own sticks.

Our children love the prayer pail and have been excited about drawing sticks and praying for different people. Tim and I love that we’ve found another way to encourage our children to build a personal relationship with God and to help them to focus on gratitude and the needs of others.

Today’s Questions:
 What do you think about the idea of a family prayer pail? Do you think your family would benefit from one? Do you have other ways that you make prayer a priority in your home?

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  1. Diane Reid says

    I think that it is amazing idea? I will be making a few, love the idea.

  2. Sharron says

    Love this idea I am going to try and use this in my preschool classroom. I am always trying to find and use new and different ways to teach my kiddos to pray. Keep up the good work.

  3. Cheryl Mock says

    I love prayer pails. I did a variation of this using clothes pins…but I had categories of prayer. Biased on ACTS, I teach the children to offer up prayers/ songs of adoration or praise, offer prayers asking for forgiveness for sins, offer prayers of thankfulness for answered prayers…, and the last category of supplication I call “Help me Jesus” or help others prayers.

  4. says

    Such a cool idea. Always looking for ways to bring more prayer into my children’s lives. This one is worth pinning!
    Em recently posted..if my child marries yoursMy Profile

  5. Michele Marie says

    We do something very similar – but we save all the Christmas cards we receive and put them in a basket near the dinner table. One of the kids chooses a card and we pray for that person or family when we say grace.

  6. says

    To be more intentional about praying for others, we recently created a family prayer box. Inside, cards are divided into four categories: Immediate Family, Friends/Extended Family, Church Family, and Global/Other. After dinner, we pray for the people listed on one card from each category. Our hope is to pray from immediate family members at least once per week and the people in the other categories at least once per month. You can see more here:
    Davy S recently posted..Craft: The Prayer BoxMy Profile

  7. says

    Thanks for the reminder to link up! (I am the sort of person who needs reminders.) 😀

  8. says

    Thanks for hosting! Glad to have found you and LOVE the prayer pail! need to do this one for sure :)


  9. says

    I love the prayer pail idea! We have talked to our boys about the different ways to pray and especially about praying for others and I think this idea will really help!

  10. says

    Thank you for hosting again this week. Parties rock!