Bible Reading Plan {Simple & Effective SOAP}

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to read through the New Testament a chapter at a time. While I’d love to read through 7 chapters each week I knew that 5 or 6 chapters would be much more realistic.

However, the question still remained of how to make the reading meaningful and not simply breeze through each chapter in order to check it off of my to-do list. I wanted a simple Bible Reading Plan that also caused me to stop and really think about what I was reading.

Then I read about the SOAP method of Bible Study. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

I use a composition book to take notes during by Bible reading. I simply write the date and what chapter I’m reading that day. Then I write an “S” for scripture.

Are you looking for an easy Bible reading plan that can fit any reading goals? Check out this simple method that makes Bible study easy and effective.
Before I read, I ask God to show my what he wants me to see in that particular chapter. Then I read the chapter straight through. After I’ve read, I go back through and look for one verse that stands out to me. I write out this verse next to the “S” in my notebook.

Underneath that I write an “O” for observation and write down what I observe about that verse.

Next I write an “A” for application and write how that verse and my observations are applicable to my life right now.

Finally, I write a “P” for prayer and write out a prayer thanking God for what he has shown me and asking him to help my take a step toward applying what I’ve learned.
Are you looking for an easy Bible reading plan that can fit any reading goals? Check out this simple method that makes Bible study easy and effective.
So far this Bible reading method has worked wonderfully for me. In the past I’ve always fallen behind in reading plans and then become discouraged. However, since I’ve set the goal for 5 days a week I don’t feel stressed out about reading my Bible. Also, as a person who grew up reading the Bible, this method is helping me to see familiar passages in a new light, which in turn motivates me to keep coming back to the Word.

Today’s Question: What about you? Do you struggle to find time and excitement in reading God’s word? How do you best focus and really make the Bible apply to your everyday life?


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  1. says

    I really like this idea. I may have even tried it once before, a long time ago, before I had kids. I've been looking for a way to document some of what I read so I'll think about it more deeply. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I just started reading an studying the bible this month too! I'm following a different method, where I read about 4 chapters everyday and then write down a section that I feel stands out that day; a promise from god; a command; and how it all applies to my life. But I really like your method, so I might give it a go. I'm certainly struggling to find how it applies to my life, and I find myself searching for something that I can apply to my life. And I feel that's not the point. But your way, where you look at what the section means as well sounds better!

  3. says

    Great suggestions! I always feel like following some strategy or plan for reading the Bible really helps it to come to life and keeps me persisting. I'm so glad this plan is doing that for you! Thanks for sharing this with everyone because there are so many that need this practical advice! :)

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    What a great way to read through it! I currently just read it like a book and highlight meaningful verses. I like your way a lot better.

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    I think that is a wonderful way to read the Bible. I have struggled with reading the word consistently and prefer to read Christian living books that are full of the word. I started a Bible reading plan this past month and that is going well.