Gourmet Drizzle Popcorn ~ A Valentine’s Day Treat

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I thought with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, that this would be the perfect time to share this wonderful recipe with you again.

You could even make this delicious popcorn more festive by experimenting with red and pink candies, sprinkles, etc.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to try Dale and Thomas’ Drizzlecorn than you know how delicious it is. We normally are given some around the holidays, but go without the rest of the year because it is so expensive.

Well, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make Tim some peanut butter, white chocolate, toffee drizzle popcorn. It was a huge success! We’ve actually made it a couple of times since and it never lasts very long :)

Gourmet Drizzle Popcorn is so easy to make and is very easy to customize according to your favorite flavors.

Here are just a few examples to get your ideas flowing and your mouth watering:

Chocolate Praline (melted chocolate chips, crushed candied pecans),

White Chocolate Almond (melted white chocolate, slivered or chopped almonds),

Double Peanut Butter Crunch (melted peanut butter chips, crushed or chopped peanuts),

Heath Bar (melted chocolate chips, toffee bits),

Double Chocolate Delight (melted dark chocolate chips, melted milk chocolate chips),

Chocolate Butterscotch (melted chocolate chips, melted butterscotch chips),

Night and Day (melted dark chocolate chips, melted white chocolate chips),

Marvelous Mint (melted Andes mints),

Caramel Pecan (melted caramel, chopped pecans)

Here’s our recipe for Gourmet Drizzle Popcorn.

We love this popcorn. In fact, this is what our batch of drizzle popcorn normally looks like by the time it’s ready to be stored. :)

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  1. says

    Cool gift guide! so many ideas to deal with. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I've got an idea here.

    Gourmet Free

  2. says

    Ooooh, sounds good! We love popcorn, this would be so fun for something special!

  3. says

    YUMMY! I am bookmarking that recipe. We LOVE popcorn (of all kinds) in our house!!

  4. says

    Yes, we pop our popcorn on the stove using coconut oil and sprinkling with sea salt. Does that make this a health food? :)

  5. says

    Oh, yum. Do you pop “real” popcorn on the stove! That would make it almost healthy. :)

    Thank you for linking up with Finer Things Friday! :) Katie