Seed Starter Pots from Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

This year, we have way more seeds than our three seed starter trays will accommodate. Instead of purchasing more trays we decided to find alternative containers for starting our seeds.

We read about this idea on a gardening forum, but couldn’t find any photos or instructions for the process, so we made our own.

Now you can easily follow these directions for making your own seed starter pots from empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. I’ve never been so excited to use the last of the toilet paper from a roll before!

Easy Toilet Paper Tube Seed Starter Pots

1. Flatten each cardboard roll lengthwise and crease the sides. Open each tube back up.

2. Flatten each tube lengthwise on the opposite side. Crease the sides so they line up with the previous creases. Each roll will now have four sides and four corners.

3. Cut the tubes with scissors to make shorter tubes. Cut toilet paper rolls in half; cut paper towel rolls into four pieces.

4. Cut along each crease on one end of tube section. Slice each crease about 5/8 of an inch to make tiny flaps.

5. Fold the flaps down toward the center, creasing them well. Interlock the flaps like a cardboard box top.

6. Fill your seed-starter pots with potting soil. Plant your seeds.

Be sure to check out our Tutorial for Sturdy Origami Newspaper Seed Starter Pots. And read about other ways we’re “Saving Some Green in the Garden” this year.

Head over to Heavenly Homemakers to read about other Green Projects. This post also contributed to Blissfully Domestic.

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  1. i just looked at your recycled newspaper starter pots and commented that i was going to do this with the kids i teach to at the French Academy of Bilingual Culture in New Jersey. But, this toilet paper cores idea is much easier, therefore this is the project i’ll do with the kids. i’ve been saving the rolls for months and now i got over 60 of them, so i’ll put them to good use in our garden. thanks alot!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :) I’ll definitely be bookmrking this page to try these out sometime.

  3. Comfort Joy Designs says:

    Great Idea!

  4. SMART idea!!! Thanks for joining in on the little Green Project!

  5. The Blossoming Skillet says:

    This is simply genius! I am about to go throw our trash cans right now. I know they are a few and I need more pots! Thanks!

  6. the Faerykin says:

    Interesting way of recycling paper.

  7. Great idea, I am going to start saving my rolls today!


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