Music to Stir Your Soul

We’re praying these songs will help you fix your eyes on Jesus and remember the suffering he accepted to make a way for us to be near the Father.

But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

~Isaiah 53:5

(*Warning* This first video graphically depicts the death of Christ. Please, watch this video before determining if you will share it with your children.)

Also, my friend Kristin shared a beautiful song on her blog today.

What are some of your favorite songs that remind you of Jesus’ sacrifice? We’d love to read about them in the comments.



A Spring Weekend

The weather this weekend was beautiful and we took full advantage of it!

On Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a local egg hunt. My parents joined us while Tim sold pizza by the slice.

The kids had a great time, but unfortunately once the area started filling up with people I was too busy keeping an eye on the kids to get many photos.

Here are some shots from our picnic.

Then on Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my parent’s home.

Lillian enjoyed the warm breeze on the patio while the kids played in the yard.

Later, Jonathan got a little handy and helped my dad start a new grape arbor.


How did you spend your weekend?

Monthly Goals for April

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Goals for April @

I love being able to change my goals from month to month. There’s something so freeing about taking stock of where I am, what my family needs, and what I’ll actually have time for each month. However, I’m also learning to let go of goals that end up being unrealistic even if they seemed completely doable only days earlier :)

Here are the goals I chose for the month of April.


1. Continue to take 5-15 minutes for Bible study each weekday. I’ve finished the book I was reading and haven’t decided on a new book of the Bible, so for now I’ll be reading a chapter from both Psalms and Proverbs each day.

2. Exercise at least 5 days a week. I was cleared for exercise at my appointment last week, so I’m back at it for the month of April. I’ve discovered an indoor walking aerobic series by Leslie Sansone that only takes 15-30 minutes. The older kids can do it with me and it should be something I can continue through my entire pregnancy (and the super hot summer).

I have one DVD from the library now and I’m looking to borrow a couple others from this series before I commit to purchasing one through Amazon. Thankfully, most of the DVDs are less than $10. Right now I’m leaning towards the Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection or the Walk at Home – 5 Day Slim Down – A Mile Each Morning. Has anyone used either of these?

3. Finish reading Praying for Boys and 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband. I’d love to have time to start a third book, but I’ll be happy if I have time to finish these two.


4. Continue to make praying for Tim more of a priority. Tim has a lot on his plate, especially over the next few months, and as busy as I am I can still manage to be a helper by lifting him up in prayer.


5. Continue reading at least one chapter of our current read aloud everyday at quiet time. Right now we’re reading a book we all look forward to so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

6. Take time to play outside with the kids at least a few times each week. It’s so easy to let them go out and entertain themselves, but they really like when I get out there and play with them. Thankfully, Tim’s really good at this, but I want them to have memories of me pushing them on the swing, jumping on the trampoline, and playing catch, too.

7. Put into place a more structured chore and consequence system. Tim and I talked over the specifics this past weekend, but we haven’t presented it to the kids yet. Their chores aren’t changing, but they will have a cut off time for completing their responsibilities and there will be specific consequences for not completing chores correctly, on time, and with a happy heart.

8. Make Resurrection CookiesThe kids love this and it’s a great way to help them focus on the true meaning of Easter.


9. Listen to Emahry and Jonathan read at least 3 sets of word family flashcards each weekday. I typed up and printed some flashcards for the most common word families. The kids love reading through them and “teaching” Eliya and Amelia the word family rhymes.

10. Continue to practice the doubles and doubles +1 facts for math and add in the “makes 10″ pairs. Emahry and Jonathan have the doubles mastered and are really close to knowing the doubles +1 facts, so we’ll be reviewing those with flashcards and fun games as well as adding in the “makes 10″ pairs (2+8, 3+7, etc.)


11. Organize our spring clothing switchThe kids are working with a few transitional outfits right now, but soon we’ll need to put away the winter clothes and get everything out for spring and summer. (Here’s how we sort and store kids clothing that’s not in use.)

12. Sew one flower girl dress. Emahry, Eliya, and Amelia are all flower girls for their uncle’s wedding in August. I’ve already chosen a pattern. Now I need to order the rest of the fabric and make one dress each month in April, May and June, so I won’t be completely stressed out :)

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13. Complete and post the remaining What’s in the Bible flashcards. I still have 5 Parts to finish and I need to proofread the others.

14. Add the links for the rest of the Sight Word Units. I have these completed and just need to take the time to post them.

Have you made any goals for the month of April? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. If you’ve written about them online, be sure to leave us a link.