Monthly Goals are Back

Monthly Goals Update for June 2014 @ #goals #monthlygoals #writethemdown

With the 31 Day Challenge, I never posted my monthly goals for October, but here they are.


1. Continue reading Jesus Calling daily. I did this almost every day.


2. Continue to make praying for Tim a priority. I’m definitely doing better with this.

3. Help Tim with the new shop as much as possible. We opened our second location this month which I have to admit has been pretty stressful! I helped by designing the new menus and menu boards as well as setting up and managing the shop’s Facebook page.


4. Continue reading Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids each morning. We did this almost every day. I really like reading  the adult version by myself and then hearing it again in simpler language when I read the kids’ version.


5. Continue with the Hooked on Phonics iPad app and practice 3 days a week. We’ve done well with the xtramath practice, but we didn’t keep up with the Hooked on Phonics work. Then our iPad bit the dust, so Hooked on Phonics is on hold until we either get the iPad fixed or replace it with a new one.

6. Start school right after breakfast at least 4 days a week. I find it much easier to focus on our school work if we start right away. We did well this month and especially the past week since Isabelle has been sleeping in.


7. Finish getting the kids clothes switched for winter. I have all their cold weather clothes out. Unfortunately the weather’s been a little strange and we’ve had to leave some shorts and t-shirts out as well. I’m hoping we can put all the summer clothes away in the next couple of weeks though because the kids drawers are overflowing.

8. Put Amelia’s bed up on the frame to make room for under-the-bed storage bins. I know I need to purge through our belongings, but we are a family of 8 living in about 1100 square feet…we need all the storage space I can find. I got the bed up on the frame and moved one storage bin down from the attic. I need to purchase two more bins.


9. Complete the 31 Days of Blogging Challenge. Life happened and I skipped two days, but I still feel like I did fairly well. You can check out  my 31 Days of Learning with Little Ones here.

12 Goals for November: personal, marriage, parenting, homeschool, homemaking, and blogging goals from a mom of 6 @


1. Read one chapter from the book of Matthew every day, Continue reading Jesus Calling daily.

2. Exercise 3 days a week. My hip is finally feeling normal after some joint issues that caused a lot of pain and worry.

3. Read something encouraging every day. Maybe a book, maybe a blog post, maybe a quote or a Facebook update, but something every day.


3. Pray for Tim multiple times every day. I’m working on a way for remembering to do this…I’ll let you know how it works.


4. Pray specifically for each of my children.

5. Continue reading Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids each morning. 

6. Read at least one chapter of our current read aloud every weekday. We’ve been watching videos in the afternoon when I nurse Isabelle, but I want to reclaim this time for some more reading (at least most days).


7. Continue starting school right after breakfast. Everything runs smoother when we start right away.


8. Purge through kids’ clothes. Laundry is driving me batty. So are the overflowing dresser drawers. I’m thinking of ways to minimize the amount of clothes the kids need. What I’ve come up with so far is to see if I can pare down their wardrobes by making everything more versatile, think a capsule wardrobe for kids.

9. Strip all cloth diapers. I had to put Lillian back in disposables when she got another yeast diaper rash. Thankfully, it is healed and never spread to the other diapered kids. Now I just need to make sure I kill the yeast spores in every diaper, cover, wipe, and insert so we don’t have to deal with this again any time soon.

10. Get organized for Christmas and start making gifts. I have several gifts already purchased or made, but I need to figure out exactly what I have left to do and get started.

11. Plan out dinners each week.


12. Complete Kati’s Photo-a-Day Challenge. I’ll be taking a photograph every day using Kati’s themes. I’ll post all of my photos for the week in one wrap-up post each Friday.

 What are your main goals for November?

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The End of 31 Days

Just the Beginning
I can’t believe October is almost over! How did that happen so quickly?

I started the month with fifteen or so post ideas based on my topic Learning with Little Ones and now, on the last day of October I can think of at least a dozen more ideas I want to share.

Admittedly my topic was pretty broad and as a mom of six, my days are FILLED with teaching little ones all sorts of things, but I really thought I’d run out of things to say. Thankfully, for the sake of completing the challenge (and having anything left to blog about), I did not.

You can see all the topics I covered on our 31 Days of Learning with Little Ones page. There’s a little bit of everything there; academics, free printables, life skills, and faith lessons. Obviously, I wasn’t too organized and just shot from the hip most nights when I sat down to blog.

I’d love to continue exploring how we teach our children as well as sharing in general what works for us in our home.

What are a few things you’re trying to teach your children right now?

While I enjoy blogging to get my thoughts together, it’s the interaction with others that keeps me coming back to this little space.

So, is there anything you’d like to know or any topic you’d like me to share about?

Please, tell me in a comment below.

If I can give you any help, ideas, tips, or simply show you what has (or hasn’t) worked for our family, I’d love to!

Thanks for joining with me on this journey.

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I’m looking forward to sharing life with you and learning together as we strive to use all our days for His glory!

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Learning to Read with Word Families {free printables}

Learning to Read with Word Families FREE Printable Flashcards {31 Days of Learning with Little Ones @}In my limited experience with teaching reading I’ve seen teaching word families as a great way to get more bang for my teaching buck.

Kids can learn the middle and ending sounds, add it to letters they already know and they can learn chunks of words as opposed to one word at a time.

So far, my two school-aged children love flashcards. For a long time I had a negative view of flashcards, but I’m starting to embrace them when I can to help my little ones learn. (Checkout our flashcard station.)

Today I have free printables for several “letter a” word families. Just click on the word family you want.

I simply printed the cards on colored cardstock, laminated them at home, punched holes in the corners and used 1 inch book rings to keep each set together. (You can see them in this post about our flashcard station.)

My two older kids (7 and 6) usually pick 2 sets a day to read aloud to me. We don’t do anything formal, they normally just read through their sets while I make lunch, put laundry in the wash, or clean up in the kitchen :)

ad words ag words ail words ake words am words an words ap words

at words

Do you teach your kids word families? Would you like more sets of these flashcards?

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