Isabelle’s Birth Story: Part Two

Isabelle's Birth Story: Part Two @

(Disclaimer: This is a birth story and as such, it will contain details of a personal nature. If you’re offended by TMI or get queasy at the mention on bodily fluids or functions you may want to bypass today’s post :) )

Be sure to catch up with Part 1.

Contractions Begin and Intensify Quickly

As Tim and I drove to the hospital, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I really wanted to fall asleep for a few minutes, but felt too excited and nervous for that to happen. I continued to pray that labor would soon begin.

I was not to be disappointed and at 4:46am, just a few minutes into our drive, I experienced my first contraction. It was surprisingly long and strong. While I was a little nervous about the intensity, the relief of labor actually beginning overshadowed my fear. Like clockwork, fifteen minutes later another strong contraction hit. A third contraction fifteen minutes after that sealed the thought that active labor had begun.

We decided to eat an early breakfast before heading to the hospital and stopped off at McDonald’s since it was one of the only places open that early in the morning. I managed to get down a go-gurt and Tim enjoyed his breakfast sandwiches as well as the one I had ordered :)

We arrived at the hospital shortly after my third contraction (around 5:20am). Tim dropped me off at the entrance and then went to park while I walked into the ER to get registered. As soon as I got to the desk another contraction hit. By the time I finished registering and Tim arrived with all of our laboring things I had experiences two more contractions, now only 5 minutes apart.

A transporter arrived to guide us to the birthing center and in the short walk another contraction hit.

Within a few minutes we were settled into a triage room (the same one Jonathan was born in) and I was hooked up to be monitored. At this point I was only 5 cm dilated. I was a little disappointed by this number as contractions were already really strong and I wasn’t sure I could make it through hours of contractions of this intensity.

My first contraction laying in the hospital bed caused Isabelle’s heart rate to plummet so quickly that our nurse, Brooke had me roll to my left side and then to my hands and knees to stabilize the baby’s heart beat. This was definitely a scare and I vividly remember asking Tim if they needed to just get the baby out now.

Thankfully, after further investigation, Brooke discovered that the monitor simply wasn’t picking up the heartbeat because Isabelle was much lower than expected.

After about 20 minutes and several contractions (now only 3 minutes apart) we made our way down the hall to our room (the same one Amelia was born in), Tim going back a forth a couple of times to carry everything and me gladly accepting a ride in a wheelchair.

Part 3 (Isabelle is born) coming soon…

I’d love to hear about your labors. Also, any guesses for how long it took us to name Isabelle after she was born?

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Isabelle’s Birth Story: Part One

Isabelle's Birth Story: Part 1 @

(Disclaimer: This is a birth story and as such, it will contain details of a personal nature. If you’re offended by TMI or get queasy at the mention on bodily fluids or functions you may want to bypass today’s post :) )

Labor Starts in an All-Too-Familiar (and slightly scary) Way

On Saturday night, Tim, the kids and I joined my parents and sister at their house for dinner. I was feeling fine (other than being very huge) and enjoyed eating some of the most delicious barbecued ribs I’ve ever tasted.

On the way home I started thinking I had eaten too much as my stomach began to feel uncomfortable.

As soon as we were home, Tim and I worked together to get the kids to bed. I went to bed soon after around 9:30 PM.

I woke up off and on starting around midnight. At 3:18 AM I woke up to roll over. As I did, my water broke and gushed all over the bed. Thankfully, we always keep a waterproof cover on our mattress.

I woke Tim and told him what had happened. He quickly told Jonathan to go back to bed (he had crawled into our bed at some point during the night) and sent Eliya to the couch (she had made her way to the floor in our room). Then Tim brought me some towels as he started pulling the linens off of the bed.

As I moved to the bathroom, Tim put the sheets in the wash, started the laundry, and remade the bed for my parents who would be coming to watch the kids.

I got cleaned up and changed, trying hard not to worry about my water breaking before contractions. The only other labor where my water broke before labor began was my first labor with our daughter, Emahry.

My labor with Emahry was the hardest by far at 27 hours total and almost 24 hours of contractions 2-4 minutes apart. (You can read Emahry’s birth story here.)

As I tried not to worry about this labor repeating the difficulty I experienced with my first, I set to work mixing up a large batch of goat’s milk formula for Lillian and Tim called the hospital to tell them we’d soon be making the 45 minute drive. Tim also called my sister who woke my parents.

It just so happens that from 8pm Saturday night until 8am Sunday morning is the only time one of our midwives is not on call. While Kim, the midwife scheduled for Sunday, had assured me she would come in early, the hospital didn’t want to call her in before her 8 AM shift if it wasn’t necessary.

I finished getting a few things packed and posted our status on Facebook and here on the blog while Tim loaded everything into the new-to-us Suburban. As I made sure we had everything we would need I prayed that my contractions would begin soon on their own and that I would be able to deal with whatever labor would bring.

Around 4:15 AM, my parents arrived and after a brief prayer together, Tim and I began our drive to the hospital.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

How did labor begin for you? Did your water break first? Did you start out with contractions 20 minutes apart? Were you thrown quickly into intense contraction? Every labor is unique, so tell us about yours.

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